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Welcome our Floral Partner! Cooperative Flower Network of Edmonton

We're excited to announce our NEW Floral Partner for the Slow Flowers Summit, the Cooperative Flower Network of Edmonton! We thank them for the generous donation of seasonal, Alberta-grown botanicals that will flower the event.


Our attendees will get their hands on this beautiful product, and you’ll experience first-hand one of the best-selling point noted by CFN on its website:


The question: What sets CFN apart from other floral wholesale services?


The answer: Our product is FRESH and we have a guarantee on your orders! We work so closely with our farming community to get you the very best local product. No rehydrating required, no crushed Dahlias from dry packing, and no unwanted substitutions!

Watch the video above and hear the exciting news for our Slow Flowers Community – coming from the Canadian province of Alberta, where the first flower collective has just formed in Edmonton. If you’re planning on attending the Slow Flowers Summit in Banff, Alberta, consider this episode your sneak peek to the seasonal and local flowers we’ll enjoy there!


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