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"[The] Slow Flowers Summit is not just a platform for change in the floral design industry, it's a place to find community among individuals and brands that intersect, artists and farmers who love flowers, wholesalers and distributors to florists, authors and teachers. It's a home for those who love flowers and the world we live in."

"The Slow Flowers Summit was filled with energetic, cutting-edge attendees who not only care about furthering the Slow Flowers movement, but they are passionate about what it's about! I highly recommend participating in this Summit each year!"

"A must attend event for anyone interested in growing, designing, and selling domestic flowers today!"

"Debra and her Slow Flower Summit should be on every floral designers or flower farmer's bucket list. If you're curious about how a relationship can be cultivated with local flower farmers or floral designers and others in the biz, the Summit is for you. As a floral designers, learning about intentional sourcing from farms with farmers who can tell me how the blooms were grown, vs. habitually from bloom brokers is like a breath of fresh air. My designs improve with fresh product and inspirational varieties whenever I can source locally. See you at the next Summit!"

"As a new farmer, this was a wonderful way to learn about the floral industry. I sharped my business skills, bouquet making skills, and was inspired to go home and grow MORE flowers!"

"I left the Summit thinking how enthusiastic the attendees were. Their energy for locally grown flowers was visibly positive. I feel the market for American grown flowers is growing and it was interesting to hear stories on how farmers and business are changing consumers view of flowers."

"...keep reaching across the industry as you are. You had people from all facets of the floral industry and it helps bridge relationships and build stronger communication and expectations. This Summit was invaluable for the content it provided but also for the people it brought together and the networking opportunities."

"The Slow Flower Summit allowed me to be surrounded by talented and thoughtful humans willing to learn, grow and share experiences. Listening to journeys, dreams and hopes for a floral future that is kinder to ourselves and our environment is truly inspirational. I continue to be grateful for the opportunities presented this year in NY and look forward to continuing my floral education [at future events]."

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