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Wolf Willow will always be the favorite native plant from our Banff Summit

Wolf Willow (Elaeagnus commutata). We loved the silvery foliage! Alberta-grown, the branches were provided by farmers of the Cooperative Flower Network (Sunshine Blooms Farm) and from the garden of Prairie Girl Flowers' Becky Feasby. The plant is native to western and boreal North America, from southern Alaska through British Columbia east to Quebec, south to Utah, and across the upper Midwestern United States to South Dakota and western Minnesota.

Janis Harris, one of our Monday morning keynote speakers, was drawn to the wolf willow and used several stems as the foundation framework for her hand-tied bouquet demonstration.


Thanks to Mary Ann Newcomer of Gardens of the Wild Wild West and @gardeningintherockies for sharing this literary quote from Western writer Wallace Stegner

LEARN MORE: From Alberta Plant Watch


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