Speaker Q&A with Missy Palacol and Kalisa Jenne-Fraser

Our Slow Flowers Summit Speaker Q&A series continues with a fun conversation conducted by contributor Mackenzie Nichols: Missy Palacol and Kalisa Jenne-Fraser, co-owners and partners of marketing strategy firm Kalyx Group, are passionate about helping small businesses stand out by finding their true, independent voices. The co-owners have been friends and colleagues for 15 years, working first in startups, then for Fortune 100 and 500 corporations separately, and ultimately rejoining in 2015 when they decided that working in “high level marketing” was frustrating because of the complexity and inability to connect with their clients on a personal level. Now, Missy and Kalisa use their experti

A Visit to Twin Cities Flower Exchange

The group above gathered in St. Paul, Minnesota, to introduce me to Minnesota-grown flowers at a special meet-up hosted by Twin Cities Flower Exchange. What happens on Day Two of the Slow Flowers Summit? On Tuesday morning, July 2nd, our focus shifts to the Twin Cities Flower Exchange, a farm-to-florist hub founded by Christine Hoffman, our co-host of the Slow Flowers Summit. We'll be warmly welcomed by Christine, as she shares her Minnesota-grown hospitality. We asked this sustainable floral entrepreneur to share what to expect when we visit. "The morning at TCFE will begin with a little coffee, breakfast and mingling in our host space, The Good Acre. Interest in the wholesale floral hub

Speaker Profile: Kelly Morrison

For Kelly Morrison of Color Fields Farm just outside of Durham, North Carolina, a passion for farming may have skipped a generation, but thanks to inspiration from her paternal grandparents (tobacco farmers) and her maternal grandparents (homesteader gardeners), Kelly has follow in the family’s footsteps of an earlier generation. She studied environmental studies with a major focus on sustainable agriculture at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina, and worked on farms around the area. Shortly after graduating, Kelly moved to New York City and spent time working at Hilltop Hanover Farm and Queens County Farm, one of the oldest farms in the country. According to Kelly, this is ho

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