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Meet Becky Feasby


Becky completed her gardening and landscape design training in New York, Calgary, and Chicago and has completed floral design training with many leading florists who specialize in environmental-friendly florsitry and who support the Slow Flowers movement.

She previously worked as the Horticultural Therapist at the Alberta Children's Hospital, where she oversaw the design and management of five acres of gardens. In creating prairie girl flowers, she wanted to utilize all of her training to bring sustainable beauty to Calgarians - and to cultivate a change in the floral industry.  A change that makes florals better for the planet and creates opportunities for clients to make a conscious choice that supports local growers and our environment.

Becky is currently working towards her Master degree in Sustainability at Harvard University - because sustainability is not only the focus of our work, but also the reason for our existence: to create a sustainable floral business in Calgary that maintains the environmental, social, and economic integrity of the floral industry.

1. What is your astrological sign or Chinese zodiac year? Gemini

2. What book(s) are on your bedside table right now? Orwell’s Roses by Rebecca Solnit

3. What do you want our guests to know about Canada's local flower/Slow Flowers or

horticulture/garden scene? The local flower scene is flourishing in Canada! Thanks to so many hardworking small-scale flower farmers. We are seeing more and more growers focus on hardy perennials and native plants - which offer even more sustainable options for both florists and farmer-florists. I would say that florists, in particular, are finally starting to pay attention to the local flower movement and understand not only the environmental and social benefits of choosing local, seasonal flowers, but also the aesthetic rewards of working with locally grown product.

4. Share something that you're excited about exploring in your floral enterprise this year? I have the most exciting event ever this summer! Our daughter’s wedding, which will be held in our backyard in August.

5. What is the craziest or most clever thing you've done to pack flowers or plants for travel? My strategies are all pretty boring. Since I do not purchase any new plastics or paper packaging products for my business, I have a huge stash of recycled paper, old towels, you name it!!

We are so grateful to Becky for all of the time and effort she has invested in helping us bring the Slow Flowers Summit to Canada! You'll hear from Becky during our welcome remarks and throughout the Summit, as we tap her to introduce and moderate portions of the program.


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