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Our Newest Slow Flowers Summit Partner

We're thrilled to partner with Canadian Flowers Week to promote locally-grown flowers

and the farmers and florists who supply them!

Inspired by the success of domestic flower promotion weeks in the UK, USA and Australia, Canadian Flowers Week aims to raise awareness about Canadian grown blooms and the floral industry in our communities. Growers, wholesalers, designers, florists and retailers will hold events and build installations throughout the week to promote locally grown blooms across the country.


“We want to celebrate all flowers grown in Canada, from the fields and in the greenhouses.”— Natasa (Kajganic) Hansen, founder


Following closely on the heels of the locavore and slow food movements, “slow flowers” is helping to strengthen relationships between farmers, florists and consumers, while supporting local economies. Due to the increasing consumer demand for knowledge about local goods and processes, our aim is to start a public conversation about the origins of our flowers. 


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