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The Flowering of the Slow Flowers Summit

Launching our Bring A Bucket of Blooms Program

It's countdown time as we're approaching the 2024 Slow Flowers Summit, which starts in less than one month with the welcome reception on Sunday, June 23rd at Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity in Banff, Alberta, Canada!

Most of the flowers we expect to feature will be procured in a partial donation-partial purchase agreement with the Cooperative Flower Network of Edmonton. We will also be using dried flowers from Boreal Blooms. In addition, we're reaching out to local flower farmers and farmer-florists who are scheduled to attend the Summit. We could really use your assistance as we get ready for our many flowering elements, including the displays and design demonstrations.


We would like to showcase MORE CANADIAN FLOWERS!

It's our wish to include and feature more of our attendees' flowers -- are you able to share? If you'll be driving to Banff, this might be a perfect opportunity to bring a bucket of flowers with you on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning [If this doesn't relate to you, please file this away and enjoy your trip -- we'll see you at the Summit!].

There will be a special flower station for our speakers and participants to use during the Summit.

We'd love to include your bucket of blooms, as well. 

ASK: Please bring one or more buckets of flowers to share, including focal, textural elements, foliages are all welcome!

As our thank you, we will include your linked-logo on the Slow Flowers Summit website, in our rotating slideshow at the conference, and in a special blog post. Our Slow Flowers Team (Niesha Blancas and Tonneli Gruetter) will capture the florals, arrangements, installations, and demonstrations - and their images will be available for your personal use.

Please let us know if you have any questions and also please let me know if you are able to participate! Email:


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