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Post-Summit New York City Flower District Tour with Molly Culver of Molly Oliver Flowers

Wednesday, June 29th (10 am-2 pm) Join Molly for a Tour of the NYC Flower District + Studio Workshop (lunch included!)

You're invited to join farmer-florist and longtime Slow Flowers advocate, Molly Culver of Molly Oliver Flowers, for a NYC Flower District Walking Tour, followed by lunch and a design demonstration at her studio in Brooklyn!

Part One: Meet up with Molly on West 28th Street in Manhattan, the heart of the NYC’s flower district. She will introduce you to her favorite wholesalers that stock local and domestic flowers and foliage. Part Two: Continue on to join Molly at her Brooklyn studio! After a delicious lunch from one of her favorite neighborhood foodie spots, Molly will share about her philosophy and practices for sourcing local flowers and how she has created the popular CSA, the #seasonalflowerproject. Other topics covered include:

  • Why reducing waste matters: a 3 min “101” on how traditional landfill waste contributes to climate change

  • How to integrate eco-consciousness through all aspects of your business, from your marketing materials to the staff kitchen to the event installation. Beyond floral foam, pin frogs, and composting, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how to take an eco-conscious ethic beyond the vase.

  • A debrief on new foam-free alternatives: which ones are REALLY the most planet-friendly?

  • How to connect with local farmers and work with seasonal product + how to effectively present local / seasonal options to clients!

Plus: Any other burning questions you have!

The AM + PM sessions are separately priced at $95 each. Join Molly for either session, or sign up for both! The cost of cabs (to be shared with other participants) and lunch is included in the workshop ticket.


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