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Meet Janis Harris

NOTE: Beginning today, we'll introduce you to one of our Speakers each Tuesday with a Q&A Post. We'll start with Janis Harris of Harris Flower Farm.




Embarking on her 17th growing season, Janis Harris continues to cultivate not just flowers but a legacy of natural beauty at Harris Flower Farm in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. Janis grew up around flowers and vegetable farming, first pursuing a career as an optician until flowers and a desire to grow them called her back. Janis is now a full-time flower farmer with help from her husband, parents, children and flower farm team. 

As a farmer-florist, Janis approaches each season with a blend of experience and an ever-renewed sense of wonder.  Harris Flower Farm markets its flowers at various local farmer’s markets, via on-farm retail and delivery services, and provides wedding design and event design.

In the fertile fields of South Western Ontario, Harris Flower Farm stands as a living testament to Janis and her family's commitment to excellence, dedication to growing and sharing the seasonal beauty of local flowers.

  1. What is your astrological sign? "Capricorn"

  2. What books are on your bedside table right now? "I am a podcast girl and I like listening to true crime podcasts."

  3. What do you want our guests to know about Canada's local flower/Slow Flowers or horticulture/garden scene? "Canadian flower farmers are amazing! We are hidden gems!"

  4. Can you share what you're excited about for your floral enterprise this year? "We are hosting our local Chamber of Commerce at our farm. The monthly 'Business After 5' event will be held in our flower fields in August. For the evening, we will have a tent and catered food. I can't wait to get those business men and women out in our flower fields."

  5. What is the craziest or most clever thing you've done to pack flowers or plants for travel? "I can't comment!"

Learn from Janis at the Slow Flowers Summit at 10:30 a.m., on Monday, June 24, 2024


Janis will present the story of Harris Flower Farm and share her journey to flowers, floral entrepreneurship, and more. 

Janis will introduce our audience to this multi-generational family operation that originated with Janis and her husband, Mark Harris. Their children (Cameron, Nathan & Megan), born into the business of flowers, can often be found in the flower fields along side Mom & Dad.Janis's family has been working the same acreage since the early 1950s. Her paternal grandparents had a successful dairy cow operation and loved to collect flowers for their garden. Janis has fond memories of learning about flowers from them and some of Harris Flower Farm's perennials, shrubs and trees are from their collection.  

Monday, June 24th, Illustrated lecture and design demonstration, followed by a Q&A.


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