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2023 Sponsor Q&A: Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

The Seattle Wholesale Growers Market is a farmer-owned cooperative committed to providing the very best the Pacific Northwest has to offer in cut flowers, foliage and plants.

Our mission is to create a sustainable living for our Pacific Northwest member farms by promoting their vibrant and diverse products to the floral industry. When you shop at the market, you are supporting local flower farmers. We asked General Manager Brad Siebe to share this update:

Give us a snapshot of your NEWS! What’s going on with your floral business in 2023?

We are investing in improving our grower’s logistics and communications for the 2023 season! SWGMC purchased an additional delivery vehicle that will enable us to source more products from our local farms, allowing our growers to do what they do best - growing and harvesting their product for the market while we assist with aggregated pick-ups and deliveries of their floral products. We are also expanding our floral sales delivery range North to Bellingham and South to Olympia this summer.

We have also developed the new position of Grower Communications Manager, filled by our very own Chelsey Wartena! This new role focuses on streamlining information between the market and farms to improve the order fulfillment process, product offerings of upcoming crops, forecasting, and more detailed crop planning for future seasons improving the cooperative experience of our SWGMC Member Farms and for our customers.

Give us your prediction for the hot floral trend of the summer season!

We are seeing a lot of wedding orders for romantic garden textures. Our local growers have a steady supply of woody and perennial crops that provide varying stages of texture and foliage throughout the growing season. SWGMC farms are projected to have a steady supply of classic and new varieties of wedding favorites this season!

What’s one fun way that Slow Flowers Summit guests can engage with your floral business?

Follow and tag us on Instagram. We love to repost stories featuring local florists using our product! Keep your eyes peeled for our morning stories to see our fresh deliveries Monday - Friday during the growing season!

Follow SWGMC on Instagram: @seattlewholesalegrowersmarket Photography: Missy Palacol Photography


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