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2023 Sponsor Q&A: Details Flowers Software

We're so grateful for the financial and in-kind support from floral industry leaders who are committed to the success of the Slow Flowers Summit. This year, we've asked each of our Premier and Presenting Sponsors to answer three questions for our Summit Sponsor Spotlight:

Give us a snapshot of your NEWS! What’s going on with your floral business in 2023?

● We always have exciting happenings going on at Details! At Details Flowers Software, we continuously innovate our platform to deliver our florists' most significant needs and challenges. We recently launched our new Inspiration and Recipe Collections within the Inspiration and Recipe Galleries, allowing our florists to manage all their designs and products.

● We also introduced a new partnership with Rosparima Roses! Their beautiful line of products can be easily incorporated into any event. Members can access Rosaprima products, alongside products from Jet Fresh Growers, Alexandra Farms, Alaska Peony Cooperative, Syndicate Sales, and Smithers Oasis.

● Details also creates new and exciting educational content for our members, which we feature in our Blog and Youtube Channel! This year, we have had incredible Masterclass Guests to help give florists helpful tips to improve their business. Join our growing community so you can experience future content and stay connected on industry news and inspirations!

Give us your prediction for the hot floral trend of the summer season!

● Many of our members have recently showcased large white blooms for their summer weddings! As seen on social media, brides love the clean fairy tale look of large fragrant Roses and mixes of unique wildflowers and greens. We are seeing that lush, tropical greenery filling the ceilings of tents and ballrooms. The natural and ‘effortless’ look seems to be on trend again!

● We also see more significant floral installations or impact pieces are a big hit with weddings, birthdays, and corporate events! Many clients are looking for the perfect background for all of their photos. Floral arches, walls, and hoops are rising in popularity, especially for these summer events.

● Here at Details we love color! In our office, we always complement the vibrant color designs incorporated with pinks and purples.

Details Flowers Software has provided our Slow Flowers Summit Nametag/Lanyards since 2021! Thank you! Above: Kit Wertz and Casey Schwartz of FlowerDuet showing off their flowers (and their Details Lanyards!)

What’s one fun way that Slow Flowers Summit guests can engage with your floral business?

● We love interacting with our customers in person at events! We would love to meet you at the next big event! We enjoy connecting with florists and learning about their businesses. Details supports floral industry events all over the globe. Our mission is to always give back to the industry–in fact, 30% of our overall proceeds go directly to benefiting our ever-growing industry by supporting organizations like the Slow Flowers Society. Subscribing to our newsletter is the best way to see where we will be next and the opportunity to win a ticket to an upcoming event we might be sponsoring! We do monthly giveaways and provide informative, fun content for our members. Farmer florists are always welcome to connect with us so we can learn more about their operations and how we can help their business. We can’t wait to have you a part of the Details Community!

NOTE: A special thank-you to Details Flowers Software for donating a complimentary Annual Subscription (valued at $1,500) for a Door Prize Giveaway at the Slow Flowers Summit!


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