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2023 Sponsor Q&A: CalFlowers

We're so grateful for the financial and in-kind support from floral industry leaders who are committed to the success of the Slow Flowers Summit. This year, we've asked each of our Premier and Presenting Sponsors to answer three questions for our Summit Sponsor Spotlight:

Give us a snapshot of your NEWS! What’s going on with your floral business in 2023?

CalFlowers is a membership-based floral trade association with a mission of serving flower growers and the entire floral supply chain across the United States. CalFlowers supports member businesses through logistics, education, and promotion, aiding in the use and enjoyment of cut flowers.

In addition to providing support programs and services, CalFlowers actively promotes the benefits of fresh flowers to American consumers through a cooperative brand called That Flower Feeling. Most recently, That Flower Feeling launched a ‘Self care mad easy’ campaign, with plans to develop future campaigns that promote the daily use of cut flowers.

Give us your prediction for the hot floral trend of the summer season!

Florist and CalFlowers Board Member, Lisa Filice of Expressions Floral and Regional Farms, predicts grand installations and large floral displays for an extra wow factor, enhanced and bolder pops of color in bouquets, and light, airy, whimsical, and organic designs. There’s also a strong demand for flowers and foliage with unique earthy tones with rust and terracotta elements.

What’s one fun way that Slow Flowers Summit guests can engage with your floral business?

Slow Flowers Summit guests who are part of the floral sector, interested in shipping their product, networking with a large floral community, and/or gaining access to floral educational materials are welcome and encouraged to join CalFlowers. Learn more about membership benefits and details by visiting

Summit attendees can also utilize free floral marketing assets from That Flower Feeling, by visiting


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