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Mark Your Calendars! Summit 2019 Details Announced

Early Bird Prizing Slow Flowers Summit 2019

We are so excited to announce the opening of Early-Bird Registration for the 2019 Slow Flowers Summit!

It's so great to also unveil our program for the 3rd annual Summit, which will take place on July 1 & 2nd 2019 in St. Paul Minnesota, co-hosted with Twin Cities Flower Exchange.

Check out our amazing SPEAKERS here.

Peruse the 2-day PROGRAM SCHEDULE here.

Learn more about our VENUE in St. Paul, Minnesota here.

The Slow Flowers Summit is designed to meet the needs and interests of progressive floral entrepreneurs engaged in sustainable sourcing, design and business practices. Your registration covers local flower tours, floral demonstrations, participation in creating an interactive, large-scale installation, all meals and 10 inspiring and informative speakers from across the floral continuum.

Now's your chance to take advantage of Early-Bird pricing through December 31st.

  • Slow Flowers members enjoy Discounted Registration of $275

  • General Admission is $325

  • Ticket prices at both levels will increase by $100 on January 1st

If you want to drop hints for a holiday-wish list or if you want to invest in an tax-deductible business expense before the end of the year, the Summit registration might just have your name on it! I can't wait to see you there!

As mentioned, the Summit's co-host is Twin Cities Flower Exchange and our partner is founder Christine Hoffman, whose innovative efforts to create a regional wholesale flower hub in the Twin Cities is one of the reasons I wanted to bring the Summit there.

As part of our Summit programming, Christine will be joined by two other leaders in farm-to-florist wholesaling. Theirs are important, emerging models we're witnessing in markets around North America.

It's timely that one of Christine's fellow panelists, Amanda Maurmann of Gnome Grown Flowers (pictured, below right) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, recently joined Debra Prinzing on the Slow Flowers Podcast along with Alex Cacciari of Seeley Farm. Together, they represent the exciting Michigan Flower Growers Cooperative.

Amanda will join Christine at the Summit to share insights, lessons learned and strategies for how the Michigan Flower Growers Cooperative came to be; our third panel presenter will be Nichole Skalski of Sonoma Flower Mart, a past guest of this podcast (pictured, below left).

Their session -- "Farm-to-Florist: Seeding and Growing a Regional Flower Hub" -- will explore various models and strategies for developing a local-flowers-focused regional wholesale flower hub. I've heard from so many around the country who are hungry for this type of insight and resource -- and I know it will be a valuable addition to the Summit programming.

Amanda Maurmann, Michigan Flower Growers Cooperative

Nichole Skalski, Sonoma Flower Mart

Listen to the stories of all three women and the flower hubs they've created below. Their dreams and goals for creating a more sustainable floral community inspires us and we promise the insights they will bring to the Summit will be equally inspiring, motivating and thought-provoking!

Amanda Maurman and Alex Cacciari joined the Slow Flowers Podcast Episode 371 (October 2018) Listen HERE.

Christine Hoffman and Nichole Skalski joined the Slow Flowers Podcast Episode 290 (March 2017) Listen HERE.

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