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All-American Seeds for Your Red-White-and-Blue Bouquets

American Flowers Week Seed Collection

We're so excited that for the second consecutive year, our sponsor Johnny's Selected Seeds has created a special American Flowers Week cut flower seed collection for attendees of the Slow Flowers Summit! This cute seed packet is just one fantastic item you'll find in your #swagbag at the June 29th Summit in Washington, D.C.

The red-white-and-blue cut flower seed collection includes: . . #floristblueboy -- a classic, true-blue cornflower #centaureacyanus. . #katzruby -- a single stem stock with wine-colored blooms #matthiolaincanakatzruby. . #katzwhite -- a pure white stock #matthiolaincanakatzwhite . Grow them to create a beautiful, local and seasonal bouquet! . . Thanks Johnny's Seeds! PS, thanks to Corona Tools for the cute floral shears in my photo above! .

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