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THANK YOU to the 2024 Slow Flowers Summit supporters who are contributing flowers: 

Floral Donation Program 












The Slow Flowers Summit includes floral presentations, installations and live floral events. Domestic flower farms and growers are invited to provide donated flowers and foliage to be used throughout the event.


Participants in the floral donation program are asked to provide 1 or more boxes of flowers and foliage (200 stems/box), including shipping/delivery to the venue one week prior to the Slow Flowers Summit.

In exchange, floral donations will be featured in Slow Flowers Summit social media tags, company logo included on the screen during breaks at the in-person Summit and company name included in the printed program. 

Email Debra or Karen for more information.

Debra Prinzing, Slow Flowers Society

Karen Thornton, Event Manager

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