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Survey says . . . (2023 Slow Flowers Summit Survey Recap)

The 2023 Slow Flowers Summit attendee survey enjoyed a 38.6% response rate, similar to the prior two years. This level of participation and engagement is encouraging -- we know our Slow Flowers Summit guests are motivated to support and engage in the Slow Flowers Movement and they want to share their feedback to guide future Summits. Read on for some highlights:

Demographics Flower Farmer/Farmer-Florist: 56.86% Florist/Floral Designer: 31.37% Retail Florist: 11.76% Educator: 11.76% Flower Enthusiast/Flower Gardener: 11.76% Wholesale Florist: 2%

Event Survey Responses We are delighted to report the overall satisfaction rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

100% of survey respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the geographical location (Pacific Northwest)

100% of the respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the venue

98% of the respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with food and beverage

96% of the respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with pre-event communications

87% of the respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with ticket price


“What I love about the Slow Flowers Summit is that I get to connect with so many farmers, farmer florists and designers. I always learn a new technique or two that I quickly implement into my business and designs. The content, networking and of course the food is FABULOUS!”

“I loved being with and learning alongside other flower enthusiasts. Debra organized the event very well. She was welcoming to all attendees and encouraged connection. I am grateful to have gotten to attend.”

“The Slow Flowers Summit is completely unique in the floral educational landscape and stands for its ability to build the bridge between farmer, designers, and educators setting the trends in our industry.”

“The Slow Flowers Summit was one of those magical business events where the mechanism of commerce was certainly discussed but the environment, people and vibe were almost spiritual. Super valuable. Super fun. Good for the bottom line and the soul.”

“The 2023 Slow Flower Summit was encouraging, inspiring, and a wonderful opportunity to connect with other professionals doing beautiful work in the flower world … I can't wait for next year's Summit!”

Thanks to our Sponsors for their support and partnership! Check out the July 2023 Slow Flowers Summit newsletter for more details about this year’s sponsors and partners:

Premier Sponsors

Presenting Sponsors

Supporting Sponsors

Name Tag Lanyard Sponsor

Meal & Gift Bag Sponsors


Social Media Reach

In addition to Summit promotion via the well-established @slowflowerssociety Instagram account, the Summit-specific account was leveraged again this year. @slowflowerssummit highlights event photos and Summit sponsors throughout the year and during the in-person Summit.

Followers: 3,010

Likes: 2,822

Reach: 76,531

Impressions: 24,320

Reel Views: 63,400

Hashtag #SlowFlowersSummit: 1,199 mentions

Since January of 2023, 6 Slow Flowers newsletters featuring Slow Flowers Summit sponsors have been sent to an average of 3,428 recipients each with an average open rate of 46%.


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